Robert Herr, Concrete Artisan

I have been making unique, hand-made custom pre-cast concrete projects in the greater Tucson area since 2006. Before coming to Tucson, I was trained in precast concrete works at Cheng Design. My interest in concrete, however, began in the mid-90's when I was fortunate enough to rent out a room in a home built by well-known architect and concrete lover Bernard Maybeck in the Berkeley Hills. A massive concrete fireplace was the center of that home. The man who rented the room to me actually helped build the fireplace, telling me stories how they had to cut a hole in the floor to pour the concrete fireplace. A job opportunity took me to Tokyo for four years before I returned to the Bay Area and became a welder.

I soon got the urge to renew my interest in concrete works before moving out to the Sonoran Desert, a place I had visited and fallen in love with while attending UC San Diego. I thought making beautiful works with the raw material concrete would go hand-in-hand with the raw beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Since moving to Tucson I have had the pleasure to work with wonderful clients, designers, and architects to produce many memorable projects. Often pictures of my works are included in periodicals such as Luxe, Tucson Lifestyle, and Tucson Home.

The process, and joy, for that matter, of making these projects takes place on a physical and personal level: I make the molds, pour the concrete, polish/grind the concrete, etc., but just as important is working closely on a personal level with the clients so that we come up with projects that enhance the living environment of those involved. Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it takes a bit of time. But, in the end, we come up with wonderful results by paying attention to details and making one-of-a-kind works using that amazing material, concrete.